We are a coalition of New York City area Buddhists, dedicated to bringing Buddhist morals and values into action in order to bring about true justice. Our Mission is to organize and inspire compassionate Buddhist initiatives in advancing social, economic, and environmental justice for the benefit of all beings, undertaken through advocacy and nonviolent direct action.

We meet on the first Monday of the month, 6:30-8:30pm at Union Theological Seminary in the Stewart Room (2nd Floor), located at 3041 Broadway, New York, NY, 10027. All are welcome.

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BAC stands with Lights for Liberty

A Vigil to End Human Concentration Camps
Friday, 12 July 2019, 6PM
Park at 105 Duane St., NYC

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12 July 2019

Over the past year, our country has entered upon a trajectory of appalling cruelty, inhumanity, and brutality that should arouse the concern of every person of conscience. Our conduct has been condemned by human rights organizations worldwide and tarnished our image in the community of nations.

Migrants from Central America have come to our land seeking asylum from oppression and personal jeopardy in their own countries, yet instead of offering them refuge and consolation we have treated them with utter disrespect for their humanity. Federal agencies have torn apart families at the border, locked up children in cages, forced them to sleep on cold floors, and denied them adequate food, water, and critical medical care. To date 24 adults and 6 children have died in custody—a blight upon our claim to be a land of liberty and justice for all.

As followers of the Buddha’s teachings, members of the Buddhist Action Coalition have heard the call to put the sterling values of loving-kindness and compassion into practice. In response, we will be joining the Lights of Liberty demonstration in New York City today, July 12, at Foley Square. Through our participation we will be protesting the heartless way our government has been treating undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers. We will be expressing solidarity with them in their time of tribulation, and demanding that our government show respect for their inherent dignity and provide them with the care they need following their long and difficult journey.

Specifically, we will be asking our government:

  • to reunite children with their parents;

  • to provide all migrants with adequate food, medical care, and other requisites; and

  • to offer the newly arriving migrants and other undocumented immigrants the chance to make their case for lawful residency in the United States.

In meeting these demands, we believe our government will be honoring the mandate out of which this country was born and its long-standing heritage of providing a beacon of liberty for all who flee oppression and persecution in their home countries.

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BAC Event: The Rohingya Genocide, a Panel Discussion


On Tuesday, May 21, a diverse crowd including many from the Buddhist and Muslim communities as well as Numerous Human Rights Organizations gathered at the at Union Theological Seminary to gain a deeper understanding of the current plight of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar (Burma) and delve into the history of the atrocities being committed there. The event was created by The Buddhist Action Coalition and co-sponsored by The Buddhist Council of New York and Union Theological’s Thích Nhất Hạnh Program for Engaged Buddhism. The Buddhist magazine Lion’s Roar wrote up an article on the topic that included a bit about the event:

Organized and moderated by Buddhist Action Coalition members Eric Manigian and Chad DeChant, “The Rohingya Genocide: A Panel Discussion” featured distinguished speakers including Dr. Azeem Ibrahim, scholar and author of The Rohingyas: Inside Myanmar's Hidden Genocide, Ms. Khin Mai Aung, Cilvil Right Attorney and U.S. Coordinator of the Free Rohingya Coalition, Brother Adem Carroll, NY/UN Program Director of Burma Task Force, Ms. Ashley Aya Aye Dun, writer and activist, and Mr. Mohiuddin Mohamad-Yusof, President of the World Rohingya Organization and a survivor of the violence. Attendees gained an in depth knowledge of the history and development of the Genocide, the resulting mass exodus and current crisis conditions in the refugee camps. In recognition of Ramadan, an Iftar meal was shared at sunset.

The Buddhist Action Coalition would like to thank all those who came out that evening to deepen their understanding of this important issue. Please stay tuned for further updates and helpful links as we follow through with the Panel to find out what our community can do to help ease the suffering of the Rohingya people.

Some organizations to support:

Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Boarders)

Free Rohingya Coalition

Burma Task Force

World Rohingya Organization

Restless Beings

IRAP International Refugee Assistance Project

BRAC Humanitarian Crisis Management

Photo credits: Amy Elizabeth Photography

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